Sleep. Avoidance or Evasion

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I can empathise with HMRC. You start with a basic fundamental principal that relies on the goodwill of all concerned (i.e. Pay. Your. Tax), and before long the less scrupulous are finding ways around it.

So you legislate. You introduce new laws that inevitably get flouted, so you legislate some more. Before you know it, a once simple premise has become 1,400 pages of rules, regulations and amendments.… read the full post.


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We all have our crosses to bare.

Janet’s is being able to stay asleep when the kids shuffle past her side of the bed and scale the makeshift barricades I built out of dirty laundry to reach my side.

I know this because I’m already awake. I have the worst super power of all; I know they’re coming before even they do. read the full post.

From Cot to Bedlam

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ls lowry paintingI’ve had an epiphany; what I’ve long assumed to be random mood swings, actually come with a (relatively) rational explanation . The mood I wake up in, and which shadows my entire day, is intrinsically linked to events some twelve hours hence.

We recently made the questionable decision to move both Sonny and Luca from their cots to single beds at the same time … in the same room?… read the full post.