The Look

HBReturnity74 Parenting, Popular 6 Comments

It’s been five years in the making but I’ve nailed it. The holy grail of parenting. Finally, I’ve mastered ‘the look’.

I’ve been close for a while. As a grumpy, middle-aged cynic I’ve had the raised brow of indignation for longer than I can remember; that wind changed a long time ago.

For years, my world-weary posture has meant peering over the top of my glasses was never a problem either, I just needed to drop my chin by an inch.… read the full post.

Parenting 80’s Style

Mark Parenting, Popular 9 Comments

babycare book m&sWhen it comes to parenting styles I’m a big advocate of the hindsight method.

You’ll need a second child to truly see the benefits, but then having a spare is never a bad thing, just don’t refer to them as such. Better to call them your eldest.

The hindsight method is a natural successor to the winging it method I deployed on Sonny, and before you start feeling sorry for him it’s worth bearing in mind he does get first dibs on new clothes.… read the full post.

Losing control

Mark Parenting, Popular 7 Comments

Today I found myself stood at the checkout a broken man, my hollow eyes staring into the abyss (or whatever Tesco call their café).

Around my ankles a battle ensued. Power Ranger versus Sonic. Cucumber versus swinging bag of carrots.

Shoppers looked on incredulously, clearly thinking,

“Surely you’re going to do … something?”

So I did. I shrugged my shoulders. You see this fight had been lost many aisles ago.… read the full post.