Post 40 Denial

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I have my 40+ health check this week.

It’s not helping with my post 40 denial but it’ll be fine because I’m sat here drinking herbal tea, and everyone knows that replacing coffee with Chinese green tea for a couple of days can reverse twenty five years of abusing your body.

No really, it was a headline in the Daily Express, below the story where they channelled the spirit of Princess Diana to predict the best/worst/wettest/windiest winter/summer on record {delete as appropriate}.… read the full post.

Turning Forty

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I made it to forty! I know, I’m as surprised as you are.

Looking back it’s been a tough few years. I lost my job, my house and for a year or two my marbles, but I’ve come out the other side blessed with meeting Janet.

I’ve helped spawn two gorgeous boys (even if I am a wee bit biased), a wonderful family and despite everything thrown at me, a renewed hope and optimism for the future.… read the full post.

40th Birthday Picnic

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I’ve been in a stubborn state of denial about turning forty. I only acknowledged the date in order to insist on no boozy nights out, no “Look who’s 40!” scrawled on a bed sheet and left to litter a local roundabout, and definitely no surprise party!

Thankfully my family saw beyond my grumpiness and arranged a picnic in Lyme Park …

picnic1picnic2picnic3picnic4 read the full post.

Once Upon a Social Life

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I used to have a social life you know. Looking back through the last year or so of my social calendar you could be forgiven for thinking I have delusions of a socialite, but honestly, flick back a little further and you’d discover me out after dark for something other than emergency nappies and Calpol. OK, so you need to go back to before I had kids but still, there’d be gigs, pubs, and even a little culture.… read the full post.

No More New Music

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I knew having children would come at the price of some sleep, and possibly a little sanity, but I hadn’t realised there was a need to abstain from new music as well?

Before Sonny was born I was listening to bands that didn’t even exist yet. Now an email from NME reads like a list of random words purporting to be band names.… read the full post.