Bits and Bobs

Mark Parenting 14 Comments

bits and bobsI’m a hoarder.

Not of my own stuff, oh no, that disappears faster than my memories of a full nights sleep.

I’m a hoarder of tat. The kids tat. The kids cheap, plastic, worthless, often broken, rarely played with, curse-inducing when stepped on in the dark, tat.

So much have we accumulated that it now has its own box; and what a mistake that was.… read the full post.

Busy Doing Nothing

Mark Parenting, Popular 13 Comments

I’m good at doing nothing. Really good. I’m not blowing my own trumpet, that would be doing something, and my expertise is definitely in doing nothing.

In its purest form I’m a master. I can sit on the sofa without distraction and do absolutely nothing for hours.

When Janet asks what I’m thinking,

“Nothing”, is an honest reply.

It’s in my DNA and I’ve passed it on to the boys.… read the full post.

Come September…

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A few days ago somebody asked me what I planned to do in September with Sonny at school and Luca in nursery.

I think I mumbled something about finding a part-time job, or at least I hope I did.

Her puzzled and slightly perturbed expression suggested my eyes were saying something altogether different. My eyes spoke of that holy grail for every stay at home parent; a poo in peace.… read the full post.

Stay at home dad subtext

Mark Parenting 6 Comments

So it turns out that beyond the headline of keeping the boys alive there was some subtext to being a stay at home dad; to do with housework or something, I don’t know, the words are already beginning to blur as I type them.

Well, the reminders have long gone beyond what could be described as gentle or subtle, they now scream out at me from a whiteboard in the kitchen.… read the full post.