Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review

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sonic boom rise of lyric coverAs a gamer of a certain age the early nineties were a golden era. Legendary characters born, classic titles released, and more pertinently less buttons to press!

Mario was king but there were plenty of others vying for his crown; and none more so than Sonic.

Fast forward twenty years and time has been far kinder on some than others.

Mario has grown old gracefully.… read the full post.

Super Mario 3D World

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Due to hand-held technology the dexterity of our thumbs is evolving at a frightening rate.

In fifty years they’ll apparently have superseded the forefinger as the preferred digit with which to point.

Well most people, I suspect my boys are going to persevere with their lazy nod.

In many ways evolution has passed me by (see Janet for a comprehensive list), but not when it comes to thumbs.… read the full post.

LEGO City Undercover – Wii U

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Lego City Undercover Wii UFor Christmas I gave Sonny my old Nintendo DS. He’d played with his cousins before and had somehow convinced me it could be educational, helping with his alphabet, namely A, B, X, and Y.

He loved it. A little too much. He insisted on being called Mario, and Luca, Luigi. Fine around the house, less so in the supermarket, especially when I’m answering to Peaches.… read the full post.