Parenting 80’s Style

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babycare book m&sWhen it comes to parenting styles I’m a big advocate of the hindsight method.

You’ll need a second child to truly see the benefits, but then having a spare is never a bad thing, just don’t refer to them as such. Better to call them your eldest.

The hindsight method is a natural successor to the winging it method I deployed on Sonny, and before you start feeling sorry for him it’s worth bearing in mind he does get first dibs on new clothes.… read the full post.

Sibling rivalry

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If shouting ‘someone’s going to get hurt’ whilst not looking up from your phone qualifies as parental responsibility then put me down for Dad of the Year.

It’s my default disclaimer for whatever follows. A verbal liability insurance.

(I’ve not tested this in a court of law so if you’re thinking of doing the same you might want to seek some legal advice first).… read the full post.

Parenting styles

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If someone asked me what my parenting style was my response would be,

“Why, what have they done?”

Apparently there are four. (1) Authoritarian, (2) Authoritative, (3) Permissive, and (4) Uninvolved.

(source: a half-read news article whilst having cushions thrown at my head, and a quick google search).

This doesn’t help in narrowing it down for me. I can use all four in a single conversation.… read the full post.