Sleep. Avoidance or Evasion

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I can empathise with HMRC. You start with a basic fundamental principal that relies on the goodwill of all concerned (i.e. Pay. Your. Tax), and before long the less scrupulous are finding ways around it.

So you legislate. You introduce new laws that inevitably get flouted, so you legislate some more. Before you know it, a once simple premise has become 1,400 pages of rules, regulations and amendments.… read the full post.

Out of School Activities

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It was a conspiracy of guilt that made me take him.

Firstly I was doorstepped by a Mori pollster who wanted to question me about the out of school activities my boys did. When I said nothing she gave me a look of disgust like she’d just noticed I was naked but for a gimp mask.

Then there was the mum on the school playground who asked if I had their names down on the waiting list for Beavers.… read the full post.

Parenting 80’s Style

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babycare book m&sWhen it comes to parenting styles I’m a big advocate of the hindsight method.

You’ll need a second child to truly see the benefits, but then having a spare is never a bad thing, just don’t refer to them as such. Better to call them your eldest.

The hindsight method is a natural successor to the winging it method I deployed on Sonny, and before you start feeling sorry for him it’s worth bearing in mind he does get first dibs on new clothes.… read the full post.

Feminist dad

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When I first became a stay-at-home dad I always intended to write a retrospective post about my experiences. Of how I entered a traditionally mothers environment as the ‘minority dad’ and came out the other side.

In my head I already knew what I was going to write. How facilities aren’t geared towards dads. How we’re treated with suspicion. Of negative attitudes and having our masculinity mocked.… read the full post.

Half-term and Halloween

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This last half-term was one of self-discovery. Of sorts.

I discovered my blood pressure is intrinsically linked to their lack of symmetry when building with LEGO, and that I’d never considered myself a control freak until Luca offered to help with MY side of the colouring-in book.

I discovered there’s a massive leap between Junior Monopoly and the full version, and that there’s some hours of your life you’ll never get back.… read the full post.