Growing Up

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There was a time, not that long ago, when I was at the centre of the kids universe. Their worlds revolved around me. My attendance at their every breath mandatory.

Maybe it was because I was the stay-at-home parent. Maybe my mid-life girth held their orbit. Either way I was involved in everything they did.

They’d fight over ownership of my knee or duvet.… read the full post.

Back to School

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I suppose I should write the obligatory back to school post. As a parent blogger I think it’s in my contract. I also have a confession to make, but more on that later.

As of next week they’ll both be in school full-time. Sonny is already there, Luca however is still within the graduals stage.

A week in and we’ve just progressed from ‘finding the school on Google Maps’ to the ‘slow drive past the gates’; or so it feels.… read the full post.


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birthday pictureI’m thinking of changing the kids birthdays. It’s for the best.

I mean it’s not like they remember their date of birth yet. They still work off the ‘how many days until’ calendar.

It’s not like I remember their date of birth yet. I still work off the ‘ask Janet’ calendar.

A more memorable date would suit me all concerned.

For a start there’s the doctors.… read the full post.

I aint gettin’ on no plane

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My recent trip to Paris with the Canvas Bloggers brought back memories of my last trip to France three years ago, particularly as we passed through passport control before boarding the ferry.

You see last time I went to France I nearly didn’t get beyond this point, but then why would you if you were suspected of human trafficking?

To explain I need to go back a few hours.… read the full post.

Bits and Bobs

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bits and bobsI’m a hoarder.

Not of my own stuff, oh no, that disappears faster than my memories of a full nights sleep.

I’m a hoarder of tat. The kids tat. The kids cheap, plastic, worthless, often broken, rarely played with, curse-inducing when stepped on in the dark, tat.

So much have we accumulated that it now has its own box; and what a mistake that was.… read the full post.