In Support of Jeremy Corbyn

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jeremy corbyn labour leadershipWhilst watching the recent budget announcement, something troubled me.

It wasn’t anything George Osborne said, I’d actually expected far worse.

It wasn’t even the fist pumping of Iain Duncan Smith, like a teenager who’d just groped his first boob.

What bothered me was that in presenting a budget so unequivocally blue as to make Pantone question their primary colours, they’d still somehow managed to out-Labour Labour?… read the full post.

Post Election Blues

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I’ve got post election blues. It’s been four days since the election and I still feel numb. To liken it to mourning is maybe overstating it a little, but the five stages of dealing with grief still resonate.

Stage One – Denial

Denial came and went as quickly as Sunderland counts its votes. Exit polls had been wrong before. They’d clearly not counted the votes from my Twitter timeline as they were 90% anti-austerity.… read the full post.

Austerity bites

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I admit I’m guilty of the odd rant. Mostly it remains in my head. Sometimes Janet makes eye contact and immediately wishes she hadn’t. Occasionally it spills over onto Twitter, and rarer still onto my blog.

This one falls into the latter category so I can only apologise, but it’s for good reason.

You see whilst sat amongst a mountain of washing and with housework to be done I decided instead to read Trafford Council’s budget proposal for 2015/16, because my procrastination knows no bounds.… read the full post.