The Circle of Life

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The boys have reached the age where they’re learning about the circle of life.

It’s a wonderful period of discovery. At school they have a mini-beast hotel and a butterfly garden. An allotment and a pond. They’ve witnessed tadpoles become frogs, and fed lambs on a farm.

But it’s not so much a circle as an arc. A joyous and magical arc, but it still needs to complete its circumference, and for reasons of my own doing, that part has inadvertently fallen on me.… read the full post.

Don’t Judge a Kid by their Costume

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A lot has been written about World Book Day, and rightly so.

A celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. Shared in over one hundred countries. A beautifully uncomplicated premise in an otherwise complicated world.

And yet, like any parade, some people can’t wait to piss on it. The main target of their ire? Dressing up.

Across social media they bemoaned the influence of Disney, bewailed the rise of the Superhero and mourned the death of their own literary heroes.… read the full post.

Hoosier Dad

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I’m not one for new year resolutions, what with me being willpower intolerant and all.

Don’t mock me now, it’s a genuine medical condition. The nurse diagnosed me as such at my over-forty health check. I think. She definitely mentioned something about willpower, the rest was a little hazy. To be honest I was still reeling from her suggesting my blood sample was 90% butter.… read the full post.

Back to School

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I suppose I should write the obligatory back to school post. As a parent blogger I think it’s in my contract. I also have a confession to make, but more on that later.

As of next week they’ll both be in school full-time. Sonny is already there, Luca however is still within the graduals stage.

A week in and we’ve just progressed from ‘finding the school on Google Maps’ to the ‘slow drive past the gates’; or so it feels.… read the full post.

World Book Day

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Ah, World Book Day …

A day where children find out their favourite book isn’t what they thought it was.

When it’s fair to ask the question,

“What came first, the book or the costume?”

When doing the school run as ‘Nuddy Ned’ is less appropriate than even I expected.

Where literature’s greatest characters include the Power Rangers.

Where my Google search history is littered with the words ‘easy’, ‘no-sew’, and ‘HELP!’… read the full post.