Miniland Dumpy Transporter

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miniland dumpy transporterAnyone seen our Builder?

He was last seen taking constructive criticism from a two year old.

You see, Luca likes to inspect, as our builder will no doubt testify; if you can find him.

Having our backyard demolished and rebuilt has brought much excitement. Sonny is fascinated by the destruction, Luca, the finer details of bricklaying, and me, well I’ve watched more of the Ashes than I could ever have imagined.… read the full post.

Hide and Seek Scooby Doo

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My childhood was one big game of hide and seek, or more accurately hide, jump out, and measure your success on the pitch of the ensuing scream. Even at 38 I still feel a sense of anxiety if either of my sisters are in the house and I don’t know exactly where they are at any given time.

I would say it was a guilty pleasure but for the fact neither of them feels even the slightest iota of guilt for hiding under a bed for an hour just to see me scream in terror when I walk in.… read the full post.