Talking to myself

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“Are you OK Sunshine?”

“Not bad thanks, could do without College tonight, but can’t cry off again.”

The question was aimed at Luca.

The reply came from a young lady stood behind me in the supermarket queue.

Seriously, who answers a stranger stood with his back to them? In fact, who answers to Sunshine over the age of three?

The sensible thing to do is explain, laugh, and walk away.

My brain is too slow for sensible.

She was re-sitting her Maths A Level, at North Trafford College, on Mondays and Wednesdays. She missed last week with flu. She didn’t have flu. Her cat had flu. Smokey the cat.

It’s not the first time.

“Salmon or Haddock?” I asked Sonny.

“Er, salmon?” An old lady replied; sheepishly.

Did I explain? Nope, I said thank-you and bought salmon. Sonny doesn’t like salmon. He doesn’t even like haddock but will at least eat it if salmon is the only alternative.

A few weeks ago…

“Shall I buy some Hobnobs for mummy?”

“Does she like Hobnobs?” Came the reply.

This was my most shameful. I didn’t even have the boys with me.

See, I talk to myself. It’s directed at my boys, but I’m really talking to myself. This is what having kids has done to me. Well, kids and old age.

Anyway, you’d think this situation could only be resolved with an apology and explanation…

“She prefers Ginger Snaps” I muttered, before walking away with neither.

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  1. brillllliant post. Although I think you should add ‘drugs’ to kids and old age. Just saying.
    fee x

    Mark replied … Harsh, but fair(ish)! I was fine before the kids. It’s definitely the kids.

  2. Oh that is so funny.
    It’s the opposite – when adults randomly decided to talk to my 4 year old and he really doesn’t understand them and they look at him as if he’s the odd one.

    Visiting this post via Spencer’s linky

    1. Post
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