Tonka Fire Station

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Tonka asked if the boys and I would like to review the Fire Station Play-set.

I grew up with Tonka, as a brand it was synonymous with large metal construction vehicles, sturdy enough to knock down actual walls, and my did I try! I still have my old ones under the stairs, hidden for the very reason that in the hands of my boys I suspect the house would soon become open plan.

tonka fire stationThe boys have had a lot of fun playing with it, and it’s fuelled their imagination no end. Even after they’d exhausted the fire rescue element they’ve continued to use the play-set in lots of other ways. Notably the Fire Station has become Bowser’s castle, with Peaches trapped in the tower and Mario given the task of saving her. You see, you can take Mario off their TV screen but you’ll never take him out of their minds.

One personal downside to us having the Fire Station Play-set is the fact their Uncle Dave is a fireman, something the boys often remind me of, and which is generally followed by the question,

โ€œWhat are you going to be when you grow up daddy?โ€

Apparently being a stay at home dad is neither cool nor exciting?

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