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One thing I’m not short of is craft ideas. Take a look at my browser history and … whoa, what are you doing? I didn’t mean literally, pass me my laptop back! What you’ll find, amongst other things, is a plethora of craft activities I’ve bookmarked for a rainy day.

The problem isn’t the rainy days, by god we have enough of those, but what I don’t ever seem to have is the necessary materials.

It’s not through any lack of effort on my part. I hoard. A lot. The problem is that where I see the components of a toilet roll giraffe, Janet sees, well, empty toilet rolls.

A regular conversation we have is,

“Don’t throw those yoghurt pots away!”


“I need them to make something.”


“I can’t remember.”

“They’ll be in the bin!”

If I had a pound for every time this happened we could have bought a bloody giraffe by now!

So when the lovely people of toucanBox asked if we’d review one of their activity boxes I was only too pleased.

The box we received had a Superhero theme. The first thing I should say is how beautiful the packaging was. It was personally addressed to the boys and their excitement when the postman arrived reminded me of how I’d felt when receiving mail as a child. You know, back in the days when the postman delivered only wonderment rather than bills and bank statements.

Our activities were to make a Superhero costume, including a mask, cuffs, a cape, and a fireball toss.

The boys had so much fun. Well, Superhero costumes and stickers, what is there not to love?

The fun wasn’t confined to our four walls either. Luca insisted on wearing the costume to the shops, jumping out from behind signs with a,


It turns out that what constitutes entertainment to a toddler may also take out a couple of pensioners. That was a particularly awkward queue.

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  1. What a brilliant idea! Way back in the late 70s/early 80s I remember being a member of the Humpty Dumpty Club – something similar though not as sophisticated – and I have very fond memories.

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