Weekend in Tarn

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tarn outdoor sports centre

tarnEvery few years we have a weekend away with our extended family of Bryce/Mackies. The Mackies head South of the border, and we drive North until we meet half-way; in a beautifully converted barn in the Lake District.

As kids we’d spend countless school holidays in Scotland with our cousins, so it’s wonderful to be now sharing those experiences with our own little ‘uns.

tarn weekend

It’s been a few years since our last get together, in which time there’s been a lot of baby dropping going on. Six and three quarter new family members if you include Helen’s large bump.

We normally meet nearer Christmas but this year we plumped for a date in September, crossed our fingers, and only went and found the last day of Summer (what are the chances?)

The kids were over-loaded with adventures, activities, and camp-fires. The adults spoilt with a barbecue, Race Night (thus the hats), Gary’s fabulous food, and lots of laughing.


tarn weekendWe built tree-houses and dens, with the added excitement of walkie talkies (no one can resist the lure of a walkie talkie no matter what your age … over).

There were marshmallows on the camp-fire, kite flying, painting, and the obligatory rolling down of hills, and all largely down to the imagination (and patience) of Alistair.

We’d been a house of ill before we left, and unfortunately we had to leave a coughing and spluttering Janet at home in bed, but with Sonny pumped full of antibiotics, and Luca tipsy on Calpol, they loved the whole weekend, and to be fair to Luca, his tantrum was only half-hearted even if it did last a full 24 hours.

Already excited for next year…

tarn outdoor sports centre

tarn weekend

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  1. the photos look great like that – good work! Glad you all left feeling better – I reckon I’ve been ‘luca’d’ and now have the mother of all colds! in fact I’ve heard myself doing that low constant moaning he was doing at the weekend!!! So glad you came – look forward to next year with Janet too! fee x

  2. Thanks for adding this post to the link on the BritMums travel round-up. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the Lake District so this has brought back some happy memories for me. Mind you, I didn’t have quite so many family members with me! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Really nice use of photos there…something for the style of our new venture do you think? Could you stop perfecting this blog and move on please – ha.
    Love the shot of Luca with Sonny in the background giving him the scowl of all scowls. Also the one of Uncle David, brilliant. I still can’t quite get over Sonny playing on the DS – I know I sound old but our kids are going to be soooo much more advanced than us. Scary,
    Nelly xxxx

  4. What a lovely blog!
    Sounds as though you all had a fantastic time with family and made some great memories for the children.
    I love the photos.

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