World Book Day

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Ah, World Book Day …

A day where children find out their favourite book isn’t what they thought it was.

When it’s fair to ask the question,

“What came first, the book or the costume?”

When doing the school run as ‘Nuddy Ned’ is less appropriate than even I expected.

Where literature’s greatest characters include the Power Rangers.

Where my Google search history is littered with the words ‘easy’, ‘no-sew’, and ‘HELP!’

… and I get distracted by pictures of women in latex catsuits because I forgot to include the word ‘kids’ in my search.

When it’s acceptable to wear a onsie outside the house … nigh at all!

When the 2am Asda drunks are joined by panicking parents, and their children wake up to discover the Gruffalo’s half-cousin is Spiderman.

And when the offer of a stripey t-shirt is met by the mother of all tantrums because he mistook Where’s Wally for WALL-E.

Ah, World Book Day…


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  1. There’s a nail and there’s a head and you’ve totally hit it with this post. Thankfully we were spared any costumes in reception year. That gives me a whole 12 months to plan something Helena Bonham-Carter-esque for next year.

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