World Book Day

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To celebrate World Book Day we’ve been recycling old books to create new stories.

In our defence of it not being outright sacrilege, they were the type of dull books you get free with a jigsaw. No worthy books were harmed in the making of our new story, I promise.

We got together all our stickers, magazines, and unwanted books and began making up our own story. They took it in turns to decide what happened next, then found some pictures to illustrate certain words.

It’s lovely to see how their imaginations run in the opposite direction to what you expect, in a toddlers world of anything being possible.

They cut out, coloured, searched for and drew their pictures in a scrapbook. Then when we read it back they could take part in the storytelling.

writing a story for world book day



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      I love Staticland!

      World Book Day was supposed to involve him dressing up as his favourite character for nursery, but after days of arguing that Mario wasn’t a literary character he left for nursery as himself.

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