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wythemshawe park playgroundEveryone has their favourite teddy (unless you’re Janet with a heart of stone!?!)  Mine is still going strong in Sonny’s cot, albeit if it were human it would definitely qualify for a blue badge.

Sonny has numerous favourites, teddy one, teddy two, elephant, chicken, rabbit one, two, three … the list goes on.  Luca has just the one, Mr Cow.

I’ve learned the hard way that to wash them during the day can have traumatic consequences.  In hindsight, no-one should ever have to witness their best friends clawing at the washing machine door gasping for breath before being dragged back under by the water currents.  That was an experience Sonny will spend a fair few hours discussing with his therapist when he’s older.  So when the cow succumbed to an attack of Lucas sick at 5pm last night, the prospect of a decent nights sleep disappeared with it.

I’m well practised with bedtime tears to the point where they’ve become nothing more than white noise.  What I hadn’t prepared for was the pitiful cry of “mooooooo” coming from Lucas cot in between him chocking back the tears.  That’s a sound I’ll have to deal with when Sonny and I are at our weekly sessions in years to come. Sessions Sonny will be paying for as he and Luca are all I have in the way of a pension.

And so it was with a deep subconscious bout of guilt that today’s trip was to Wythenshawe Park and Community Farm.  Well, that and the fact it was a Thursday which generally means we have none of our weekly ‘spends’ left, therefore our adventures have to be free ones; our budget is the equivalent of a Greek (economic) tragedy.

The farm was a little disappointing given the lack of animals.  We saw two goats, a pony, a couple of pigs, and thankfully for the sake of my conscience a solitary cow.

The Playground offered far more entertainment, although Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for when it comes to jumping in muddy puddles!

On the way back to the car park we saw our first bluebells.  With ‘flower’ being one of Lucas limited vocabulary (the other being banana) he was in his element pointing and screaming “floowwwwweeerrrrrr!’ repeatedly.

It also meant that Sonny could have a long conversation with the Bumble Bee pointing out where the pollen was and where it needed to go.  OK, so it was a wasp but why would I tell him that if it gave me an excuse to persuade him we we’re going home for honey sandwiches.wythenshawe park playground




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